Those new to the area and the SCA in general are always welcome in the Barony of Gyldenholt! We have a special guild just to help you learn more about the Barony and the Society. It is not required that you attend, but many people have found that the “jumpstart” Newcomers Guild helps them feel more at home in what can be a very confusing, though interesting group. There is also a Newcomer’s Discussion Group. To subscribe, email the Gyldenholt_NewcomersForum.

Newcomer classes are an ongoing adventure, please contact the Chatelaine to get started.

Getting Started in the SCA:
Whether you’re new to the SCA or just Gyldenholt, the Newcomers Guild strives to make everyone feel welcome and help them get situated within our barony. Below is a list of useful information about the SCA to help you get started.

90% of all activities within the society happen at people’s houses in normal clothes. To see a list of all currently active guilds in Gyldenholt visit the Guilds & Groups Page. Don’t hesitate to email the guild masters to get started!

Martial Arts:
A large part of the Society focuses on combat and tournaments. Gyldenholt has regularly scheduled practices for Armored Combat, Rapier, and Archery. While the groups do require safety equipment, loaner gear is available. Contact the guild masters for more information.


Events are big social gatherings where everyone dresses up in medieval clothes. There’s typically a tournament, arts & science competition, and a feast. Look at the event checklist below:
Clothes: If you’re in need of some loaner clothes, contact the Keys Officer beforehand.
Feast Gear: At minimum, bring a cup (people usually have tasty drinks they offer). If you plan on eating, bring whatever else you’ll need for the day.
Sun protection: Please don’t forget sun block, sunglasses, and (period) hats. Protect yourself!
Other Items: Bring a chair! If you bring modern looking items, try to keep them hidden in bags, under chairs, or draped in cloth.


Most people pick a medieval name for themselves to use at SCA events, and sometimes even come up with a story behind who their ‘character’ is. If you need help picking a name, the Heralds have plenty of resources to help you.
The SCA does not require people to pay for membership. Guild meetings are always free (though there may be material costs). Events do have a $5 discount for members. So if you plan on attending a bunch of events, you should probably just pay the membership fee.
There are many useful links on the SCA’s main page as well as throughout the internet. Here are a few to help you as a newcomer.
The SCA’s newcomers page is full of many helpful topics and links.
A handy pdf guide full of information, including a pattern for your first T-tunic.
A glossary of SCA terms and ranks to help you understand what is is that everyone’s talking about.
Viking Answer Lady’s website has tons of resources and information about Vikings, their lifestyle, clothing, names, and a whole lot more.

Newcomers, and long-term members as well, are welcome at all of the Baronial activities. Please feel free to peruse this site, email people of interest, and just generally explore our group. You’ll be glad you took the time!



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