Herald’s Point

Gyldenholt’s Registered Armory

Barony of Gyldenholt’s Device

Azure, on a hurst Or, a laurel wreath vert, a bordure Or
All geopolitical groups within the SCA have a registered device and it must contain at least one laurel wreath. The laurel wreath identifies the device as belonging to a geopolitical group as opposed to a personal device. This device in whole can only be used by the Baron, Baroness and their voice (herald).

Populace Badge

(Fieldless) On a hurst Or, four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward, azure
As a member of the Gyldenholt populace this badge is for you! A badge is used to designated that something or someone is associated with someone or someplace. Feel free to put this badge on your garb, your belongings or anything you want associated with the Barony of Gyldenholt. This is a fieldless badge so you can put it on any color background you wish.

Baronial Levy (Guardians of the Golden Grove)

Azure, a hurst and in chief two swords in chevron Or
Members of the Guardians of the Golden Grove are welcome to put this badge on their shields, armor, garb, banners etcetera. This badge means that they are members of the baronial levy, which is the fighting group for the Barony. Members of the rapier squad of the Guardians of the Golden Grove (The Grovers) are welcome to substitute a rapier for a longsword. Heraldry was originally designed to be recognized on a battle field, wearing this badge helps identify who you are fighting for.

Sergeants of Gyldenholt (Baronial Sergeantry)

Per chevron azure and Or, three oak leaves counterchanged
Members of the Sergeants of Gyldenholt are welcome to use this badge to show that they are members of the Baroness’s Honor Guard.


Per chevron azure and Or, two hunting horns bell to center vert and a hurst Or
This badge is for newcomers to the barony and for use by the Chatelaine.

Archers of Gyldenholt (Archery Guild)

(Fieldless) An oak leaf Or, overall two arrows in saltire azure
Archers of Gyldenholt are welcome to use this badge to show that they are archers within the Barony.

The Right Noble Upper Crust (Cooking Guild)

Or, a cauldron sable within a bordure azure
This badge is for use by the Upper Crust.

Baronial Madrigal Group (Musicians of Gyldenholt)

(Fieldless) On a hurst Or a musical note azure
All musicians (vocal and instrumental) of Gyldenholt are welcome to use this badge.

Former Barons and Baronesses of Gyldenholt

(Fieldless) On a roundel azure between and conjoined to eight crescents in qnnulo horns outward argents a hurst Or
This badge is for use by all former Barons and Baronesses of Gyldenholt.

Gyldenholt Award Badges

If you are a member of an award order you are welcome to use the badge of the order to show your membership.

Order of the Gemme d’Or

Formerly the Order of the Citrine
Azure, a hexagonal gemstone Or

Given for Service to the Barony

Order of the Orange Blossom

(Fieldless) On an orange slipped and leaved proper an orange blossom argent
Given for Arts and Sciences

Order of the Escutcheon d’Or

Azure, an escutcheon bendwise Or
Given for all forms of combat (Armored, Rapier, Unarmored, Target Archery and Thrown Weapons)

Order of the Forêt d’Or

(Fieldless) A tree within and conjoined to an annulet Or
Given for prolonged and outstanding service to the Barony