Anneau de Gentillesse

Anneau de Gentillesse is an award given to a Gyldenholter who displays manners and actions of chivalric character. This award is unique in that it is not awarded by Their Excellencies, but rather by the Ladies of the barony. Each voting session, the Ladies nominate one name each. Then, during a silent vote, they each have the opportunity to strike a name from the list. Only those who pass the judgement of every Lady in Gyldenholt are given this prestigious award. This order is closed.

(3/5) Jethro de Calce des Excurtynyx
(6/11) Theo Van der Zee
(6/11) Morgana Ferrari
(6/11) Giles Hill
(6/11) Guiseppe Francesco da Borgia

(1/24) Richard Clerke of Rowanwood
(1/24) Adam Makandro
(3/7) Merewen of Warthwic
(3/7) Sadb inghean Abner ui Lorcainn
(6/27) Emma Wheeler of Somerset
(6/27) William Butler of Somerset
(12/13) Grace O Kenaith

(1/25) Marcus of Gyldenholt
(1/25) Juliana de Ellesmere
(2/8) Ceara ingen Conail
(2/8) Rand Reynald
(6/28) Cerridwyn Killian
(10/10) Dametta Sweet
(12/7) Keinvryd ferch Talan
(12/7) Finnr the squinter Guðmundarson

(6/22) Jens inn draumspaki
(6/22) Dafydd ap Tomas
(10/11) Leonora Morgana
(10/11) Sigbiorn Sigmundarson
(12/8) Ilia Aleksandrovich
(12/8) Colette de Montpellier