Yule Feast Recipes

Happy Yule to one and all!  We bring you a collection of period recipes for ALL to prepare and feast together. 

There is a delectable 16th c. German fried root vegetable to serve as a side dish. For the main dish, we have found 3  14th c. French sauces, to be served with your choice of any roasted meat that suits your fancy. (Each sauce is labeled with what meat they pair nicely with). If you are a vegetarian or vegan, any of the 3 sauces will taste splendidly with any meat substitute (ie seitan or tofurkey). 

All these recipes were picked for ease and tastiness so we may come together to feast and make merriment.

Brat Ruben - Fried Root Vegetables

Source: Ein New Kochbuch by Marx Rumpolt, a 16th century collection of German recipes.
Translation of Original Recipe: (Translated by M. Grasse)
Fry roots/ and peel them/ cut them up/ and give them into a bowl/ and give it warm to the table/ sprinkle it with sugar/ they are good too.

Redaction: Ingredients: -1 lbs of parsnips (or another root vegetable you prefer)
-Olive oil

-peel and cube parsnips.
-place in a pot and cover with water.
-bring to a boil on high
– cover and boil parsnips for 10 minutes over med-high heat
-drain parsnips (make sure they are dry)
-sprinkle with salt – heat olive oil in a pan and fry the parsnips.
– sprinkle with a little sugar

14th c. French Sauces for Roasted Meats


The Viandier of Taillevent, is a 14th century French manuscript with a collection of recipes that were for French nobility.

Cameline Sauce

(for roasted chicken, beef, veal, lamb, salmon)
Original Recipe: (translated by Terrance Scully)

155. Cameline. To make cameline sauce. Grind ginger, a great deal of cinnamon, cloves, grains of paradise, mace and if you wish, long pepper, strain bread that has been moistened in vinegar, strain everything together and salt as necessary.

-1 slice of toast (no crust)
-6 tbsp red wine
-4 tbsp red wine vinegar
-4 tsp cinnamon
-¼ tsp cloves
-¼ tsp ground mace
-¼ tsp ground grains of paradise
-¼ tsp ground long pepper
(if you can’t find grains of paradise or long pepper, substitute regular black pepper)

-Soak toast in wine and vinegar for 10 minutes
-Combine all ingredients in motar and pestle (or food processor) and let sit for 5 more minutes.
-Then grind together.
-Strain through a sieve.
-Add a pinch of salt.
-Drizzle over roasted meat.

White Garlic  Sauce
(for roasted chicken, duck, rabbit,)

Original Recipe: (translated by Terrance Scully)
157.  White Garlic Sauce. Grind garlic and bread, and steep this together in verjuice.

-4 cloves crushed garlic
-4 tbsp white bread crumbs
-5 tbsp verjuice -(you can find verjuice in Middle Eastern markets. If you can’t find verjuice, substitute 2 tbsp white wine vinegar and 2 tbsp lemon juice)

-Combine all ingredients in motar and pestle (or food processor) and let sit for 10 minutes.
-Then grind together.
-Strain through a sieve and drizzle on roasted meat.
(note: if it is too tart for you, put a dash of salt or sugar in)

Saupiquet Sauce
(for roasted chicken, beef and rabbit)

Original Recipe: (translated by Terrance Scully)
41.  Saupiquet sauce that is made out of the grease that falls into the dripping pan, chopped onions, wine, verjuice and a little vinegar.

-3 tbs bacon drippings
-2 medium onions (chopped)
-1 cup beef or chicken broth
-4 tbsp white wine
-2 tbsp lemon juice
-1 tbsp verjuice (or vinegar)

-Melt bacon drippings in a pan and saute the chopped onions until they are soft.
-Pour the broth, wine, lemon juice, and verjuice into the pan and simmer for 15 minutes.
-Drizzle over roasted meat.


Rumpolt, Marx. “Ein new Kochbuch”, Transliteration by Thomas Gloning, http://www.uni-giessen.de/gloning/kobu.htm

Rumpolt Marx Ein New Kochbuch [Online] // Ein New Kochbuch / ed. Grasse M.. – 2002. – February 5, 2009. – http://clem.mscd.edu/~grasse/GK_Rumpolt1.htm. – This is a translation of the book first published in 1581 by Marx Rumpolt. It has nearly 1000 recipes.

“Manuscriptorium.” Manuscriptorium. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Sept. 2012. <http://www.manuscriptorium.com/index.php>.The Manuscriptorium’s mission is to Build a Virtual Research Environment for the Sphere of Historical Resources. A facsimile of Ein New Kochbuch is available in the Digital Library (Document # 95.107)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE VIANDIER. (1988). In Scully T. (Ed.), The Viandier of Taillevent: An edition of all extant manuscripts (pp. 275-306). University of Ottawa Press (pgs. 284 and 295). Retrieved November 16, 2020, from http://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt1bmzpff.6

Gyldenholt-Lyondemere Yule Celebration

The Barony of Gyldenholt is pleased to host the annual Gyldenholt-Lyondemere Yule 2020. Although our baronies may not meet in the flesh, we have engaged a capable mage who will use their magical Zoom device to allow us to partake in revelry while also attending to the health and safety of all.

Theme: History!
Date: December 5th, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Event fee: $0

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Meeting ID: 814 8017 1960
Passcode: Yule2020#

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Schedule of Events:

  • 5:00 PM – Arrive at the Main Zoom-Room. From there you will meet up with friends in a Table Zoom-Room.
  • 5:20 PM – Everyone at the Main Zoom-Room for Opening Court
  • 5:50 PM – Wassail song (see below for particulars)
  • 6:00 PM – Go back to your Table Zoom-Room to eat and socialize with your group.
  • 7:00 PM – Activity Zoom-Rooms open. People can either go directly to one of the activity Zoom-Rooms, or can come back to the Main Zoom-Room to get directions to an activity Zoom-Room they would like to attend.

Besides the delight of each other’s company, we will have:

  • Main Zoom-Room. Arrival, court, wassail song, directions.
  • Table Zoom-Rooms. These rooms are primarily for socializing during the dinner hour. Since Zoom allows the room attendees to move at will, these room can be used for small group chats anytime. Switching between tables is not only possible, but encouraged!

Activity Rooms:

  • Castle Tour Zoom-Room. If you have something you’d like to share, this room will be used to provide others a tour of your castle.
  • Scribal Zoom-Room. THL Valeria Cabrielli will be teaching a scribal class.
  • Medieval Trivia Zoom-Room will be hosted byDuke John Ap Gwydhaff of Holdingford. And Lady Dyrfinna Valsdottir. Get your game face on!
  • Code Names Zoom-Room. Still in Beta, but a fun game for two teams.
  • Jackbox Party Zoom-Room. Lord Thomas Graunt will host. Participants only need a phone or tablet to participate.
  • Pictionary Zoom-Room. This room will have a host to provide the words. Expect a few medieval words sprinkled into the mix.
  • Kitchen Zoom-Room. This room is for things pertaining to cooking and recipes.  Also, Dame Ariana and Sir Mons will be demonstrating some period drinks here.
  • Bardic Circle Zoom-Room. Lord Silenous from Lyondemere will be hosting. For the Bardic Circle, the theme will be Ghosts of Winter Solstices’ Past. Bring stories, songs, and poetry about ghosts, goblins, and wintertime festivities. But nothing too scary, we must mind the little ones
  • Because the Table Zoom-Rooms will remain open for the entire evening, please feel free to use them for such things as: children’s meet-up rooms, general chat rooms, etc.

Some particulars:

  • If you would like to add a bit of Historical Holiday Cheer, some of our members have graciously submitted such for your gastronomical enjoyment. You might want to take photos to share during the event.
  • We will be singing along to the Wassail song. Master Beorn of the Northern Seas has graciously accepted Their Excellences’ invitation to lead the song. Sing along with Master Beorn (on mute to avoid the atrocities of Internet-lag!)
  • Baroness Asakura Machime has found some wonderful coloring pages about the Middle Ages that children (or adults) will enjoy.


  • For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, Baroness Arwen Baird of Lyondemere has found some holiday patterns



Yule Feast Recipes – http://wp.sca-gyldenholt.org/2020/11/21/yule-feast-recipes/

Ginger Bread Recipe – http://www.godecookery.com/ginger/ginger.htm

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Your event stewards are: Lady Dyrfinna Valsdottir and Lady Muriel O’Dooley.

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