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Duchess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie Is in charge of the Barony’s The Arts & Sciences office.  As such, she organizes various events which promote the arts and sciences, be they competitions, project days, or just get togethers.


The Gyldenholt Brewers’ Guild is a branch of the Right Noble Order of the Brewer’s Guild of Caid. It is a forum to talk about brewing and brewing guild activities. The barony guild is open to anyone interested in brewing alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages, and fermented foods.

Purpose of the Guild is to:

  • Provide standardization in the Art of Brewing
  • Provide instruction in the Art of Brewing to any who are interested
  • Teach the major drinks and varieties 
  • Provide information for other groups and help them in their studies
  • Help maintain the integrity of a non-alcoholic site
  • Educate the populous in safe, responsible drinking practices
  • Provide trained judges for all Brewing events

Branch Guildmaster: Reynold Colling
Branch Secretary: Carol of Gyldenholt

Join in the conversation on our Facebook group page: Gyldenholt Brewers Guild
For questions or comments contact: Reynold Colling

Additional links:
Right Noble Order of the Brewer’s Guild of Caid:
Facebook Group


A group which researches and teaches medieval metalworking techniques. Guild activities include creating personal favors, trinkets, and badges as well as making site tokens for events. All skill levels are welcome as the guild learns and practices new techniques together.
Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in Yorba Linda, CA.
The group Facebook page can be found here
Contact THLord Theo Van der Zee


This guild meets to discuss historical topics. Members may present their research to the group. Contact Lady Emmeline for details.
Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in Guild master’s house.
Contact Lady Emmeline Atte More

Upper Crust

We are the only cooking guild in the kingdom designated as right noble.  The Right Noble Upper Crust Cooking Guild researches and recreates period food with an emphasis on preparation. The guild participates in preparation of event feasts on both a kingdom and local level with a  focus on delicious tasting, period authenticity.

Members have an opportunity to explore the food of their persona time and place as well as a variety of times and places. Both experienced cooks and novices to period cooking are welcome to attend.

You will also find information including recipes, menus, book reviews and more on the Cooking Guild Yahoo Group. You will also find more information on the Cooking guild website.

Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at the home of Messer Giuseppe.  Please contact the guild master, Messer Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia for details.


The purpose of the Bardic Guild of Gyldenholt is to promote the bardic arts though scholarship, creativity, artistic endeavor, and community. Meetings may include lectures, workshops, and performance practice opportunities. Please note while this group is dark THL Sadb ingen Abner uí Lorccáin (Mama Sadb) is willing to foster and work with anybody upon request.
This group is currently dark.
Contact THL Sadb ingen Abner uí Lorccáin


A guild which researches and recreates period garb and the construction of the same.
This group is currently dark.
Contact Lady Nicolette


A guild which researches, practices, and performs period dance as well as some modern choreographic devised in period-style.
This group is currently dark.
Contact Baron Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia


A guild which researches and recreates period scribal arts including calligraphy and illumination. You will also find more information on the College of Scribes Webpage.
The Kingdom Scribal Guild meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month in Costa Mesa.
Contact: the Scribe Amarius for more information on Kingdom Scibal meetings.
This group is currently dark.
Contact Vacant


A guild which researches and recreates all manners of period textile crafts, including spinning, weaving, needle work, etc. No experience necessary.
This group is currently dark.
Contact Vacant