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UB2021-01Wax hardened Leather legs shoulders and a set of hand blackened lamellar.    
UB2021-02Recreation of a 15th Century English Knife    
15th Century English Knife
UB2021-03Japanese Kabuto for SCA combatJapanese Kabuto
UB2021-04A small game board for Ur (the oldest know game dated to 3000bc). Pieces were hand-cut and inlaid. Tokens were molded from clay. 
UB2021-06Block print on a Abayah Coat.




UB2021-07Italian White Style AOA Scroll TemplateAOA Scroll
UB2021-0810th Century Viking Age Sword Hilt and ScabbardSword & Scabbard Docs
UB2021-09This is a Roman Balteus (Roman belt) based on what an Imperial Roman soldier would wear. It is leather, stained black, and then has brass decorative plates, studs, and other decorations riveted onto it. (Leatherwork only)     
UB2021-10Seax Inspired Knife