Gyldenholt 2021 Unbelted Armor Tournament

Gyldenholt 2021 Unbelted Armor Tournament

Date: February 20th, 2021

Location: Virtual (Zoom information to follow)

Zoom opens: 9:30am PDT

Zoom closes: 5:00pm PDT


Please make sure you have the latest Zoom version


Unto the Kingdom of CAID do Their Excellencies Ida and Jens send the warmest of greetings in this new year.  We are proud to announce it is time once again for the Unbelted Armored Fighters of CAID to come together and participate in this honored traditional tournament.  As like everything from 2020, we will not be able to gather in person for this year’s event, so we will be gathering virtually.  


One of the attributes of being a Knight is the ability to teach.  So this year Gyldenholt will be offering a platform to have the Unbelted Armored Fighters teach an online class.  We will also be hosting a People’s Choice Art and Science competition.


Their Excellencies Gyldenholt have also decided to name a victor of the day and name them the Unbelted Champion.  They will be selecting the champion from fighters who enter an item into the People’s Choice Art and Science competition AND teach at this virtual event.


Class Information:

Each class will be 1 hour in length (actually 55 minutes) and there will be 5 time slots for the day.  The subject of the class is up to the instructor.  All class proposals will be reviewed prior to the class being added to the schedule for the day.  The following are some examples from the event crew’s initial brainstorming exercise on potential themes (not exhaustive):

  • Health and Fitness for Fighters (focus on armored, but likely suitable for all)

  • Art and Sciences for Fighters

  • Telling a great story around the fire

  • Fighter poetry

  • Heraldry and fighting, how to do both

  • Getting started

  • Weapons

  • Period Games

And many, many more. Take one of these or come up with something entirely different. Most importantly, challenge yourself and have fun! 



To enter a class proposal, please follow this link:


DEADLINE: Entry must be submitted 1 week ahead of the event (February 13)


Arts and Science Competition:

As tradition dictates, the entry must have been completed within the past year and should have documentation of some sort to accompany the entry.


DEADLINE: Entry must be submitted 1 week ahead of the event (February 13)


For bardic entries, please record your entry.  There will not be a live session for these types of entry.


To enter into the Arts & Science competition, please follow this link:


Schedule for the day

9:30 am Zoom session opens for general hangout

10:00 Baronial Court

11:00 Session 1

12:00 Session 2

 1:00 Session 3

 1:30 People’s Choice Art and Science Competition voting closed 

 2:00 Session 4

 3:00 Session 5

 4:15 Closing Court and victors announced (Starts about 15min after last class)


Event Staff:

Rowen Killian

Ceridwen Killian

Bridget Lucia MacKenzie

Dafydd ap Tomas


Contact info for the event: