Baronial office of Their Excellencies

Jens inn draumspaki, godi
Ida Haroldsdottir, agaetr kona

Personal representatives of the King and Queen of Caid to the populace of Gyldenholt, and advocates for Gyldenholters to Their Royal Majesties. Their Excellencies serve as the head of the barony and help foster a sense of community through leadership.

Baronial office of the Seneschal

Doña Grace O’Kennaith
The Seneschal is the administrator and coordinator of a branch of the SCA. They are responsible for the effective functioning of the group as a whole and in the conduct of its affairs with other SCA groups as well as the real world. Essentially they deal with the legal and corporate level organization of a barony.

Baronial office of the Sexton

Lady Emeline atte More
The Sexton is the keeper of the goods, that is the supplies that are kept in storage and used only two or three times a year: banners, cookware, holiday ornaments, etc.

Baronial office of the Chatelaine

THLord Dafydd ap Tomas
Lady Juliana de Ellesmere
The Chatelaine is basically the “information desk” for newcomers. We answer questions, hold introductory classes, and do our best to help newcomers feel comfortable and become involved in the SCA.

Baronial office of the Keys Coordinator

Roberta Butterwick
The keys officer maintains a supply of donated clothing that newcomers or anyone else in the barony may borrow to wear at events.

Baronial office of the Demo Coordinator

The Demo Coordinator works with local schools and members to setup and run demos.

Baronial office of the Exchequer

Lady Zubaidah Shirâzî
The Exchequer is the Gyldenholt treasurer and keeper of the till.

Baronial office of Gold Forest

Lord Yaneznayu Bakavich
Gold Forest is the herald of Gyldenholt. Responsible for all matter of Heraldry in the Barony.

Baronial office of the Marshal

Lord Finnr the squinter Guðmundarson
The Marshal is responsible for combat activities within the Barony. He is in charge of Armored Combat directly.

Baronial office of the Captain of Rapier

THLady Valeria Cabrielli
The Captain of Rapier is in charge of Rapier combat for the Barony.

Baronial office of the Captain of Archers

THLord Dafydd ap Tomas
The Captain of Archers is responsible for encouraging the populace in the practice of period target archery.

Baronial office of the Captain of Unarmored Combat

The Captain of Unarmored Combat is responsible for encouraging the populace in the practice of period combat using simulators.

Baronial office of the Captain of Thrown Weapons

Lady Muriel O’Dooley
The Captain of Thrown Weapons teaches participants to learn safe and consistent techniques for throwing knives, axes, and spears.

Baronial office of the Captain of Youth Combat

Lord Olaf MacStaiamna
The Captain of Youth Combat teaches sword fighting techniques for children and teens in a safe and friendly environment.

Baronial office of the Chronicler

Lord Cellach mac Suibne
The Chronicler designs and edits the quarterly newsletter for the barony.

Baronial office of the Archivist

The Archivist is the baronial historian and keeper of records.

Baronial office of the Webwright

Baron RowenKillian
The Webwright is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Gyldenholt website.

Baronial office of the Arts and Sciences

Duchess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie

The Arts & Sciences officer organizes various events which promote the arts, be they competitions, project days, or just get togethers.

Baronial office of the Constable

Lord Finnr the squinter Guðmundarson
The Constable is in charge of the baronial lost and found and returning items to their rightful owners.

Baronial office of the Master of Lists

THLord Albert Torryngton
Lists manages the various tournaments of a day’s events. Lists keeps track of all competitors’ scores and handles figuring out who is to face who in each round of the competition.

Baronial office of the Ministery of Youth

The Youth Officer provides opportunities for parents to engage in age-appropriate activities with youth members by providing ideas, games, crafts, stories, and songs for parents to work with their children.

All positions are available to those who show an interest to the Office in question. Should you desire to know more, all you need do is ask the Seneschal.