Unbelted Tournament – January 25, 2020

The time has come once again for the unbelted fighters of Caid to display their valor and artistic ability as they battle for the title of Unbelted Champion!

Site: Cedar Grove Park, 11385 Pioneer Rd, Tustin, CA 92782
Our annual Gyldenholt Unbelted Tournament will be held at Cedar Grove Park on Saturday, January 25th, 2019. The combat shall be single elimination, except that a second life may be gained by demonstration of a recent art or science project. Entries will be on display throughout the day. If you plan to take your entry into combat, please provide a photo and brief description of the piece for the display. Fighters with an arts entry will be given a token to be redeemed at the list table for a second life. There will also be a people’s choice arts and science competition, which will be open to all. A prize will be awarded to the Most Well-Rounded Fighter of the day. Entrants are encouraged to sign up at gate and enter all the contests throughout the day which are designed to not interfere with the fighting.

Donation Breakfast: There will be coffee and pastries available for all with a suggested donation of $3-4.

Donation Lunch: Upper Crust will once again host a donation lunch. This year your donation will go to support the West Coast Culinary Guild. Suggested Donation: $5

Registration information:  Adult Members: $10.00; Adult Nonmembers: $15.00. Students (16-22): $5.00. Children under 16 are guests of The Barony, but parents must still sign the minor waiver form or present a valid membership card. Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. Barony of Gyldenholt. 

Items of Importance: Cedar Grove is a dry site. Please plan to take your trash/recycling with you as this is required in our site contract.

Parking: Parking is extremely limited. We ask that the parking lot only be used for immediate loading and unloading and then for those with limited mobility. Day parking will be at Pioneer Middle School just around the Corner. Carpooling is highly recommended for this event.

Schedule of the Day:
7:00 am – Site opens.
8:00 am – General set-up.
9:00 am – Lists open.
10:00 am – Opening Court (at Their Majesty’s pleasure) followed by the Tournament.
4:00 pm – Closing Court.
6:00 pm – Site closes.

Event stewards: Lord Cellach mac Suibne (Tyler Simmons), Baron Rowen Killian, and Baroness Ceridwen Killian

Email: unbelted@sca-gy​ldenholt.org

Directions: Take your preferred route to the I-5 freeway in Irvine and exit Tustin Ranch Rd. Make a left and travel 2.9 miles to Pioneer Way and make a left followed by an immediate right onto Pioneer Rd. Cedar Grove Park will be on your left.

Looking for a Deputy

The Gyldenholt Webwright is looking for a deputy to take over the position of Webwright at Gyldenholt Anniversary in June 2020. Please read the job description below and if you think this is you please email me at webwright@sca-gyldenholt.org

Webwright Responsibilities

  • Manage Baronial Website
    • Plan, implement, manage, monitor and upgrade the Barony’s website.
    • Respond to and troubleshoot all website issues.
    • Identify and respond to all website security breaches.
    • Ensure that the website is protected by enabling the appropriate security measures.
    • Update backend services and plugins regularly.
    • Conduct content audits to eliminate redundant and/or duplicate information.
  • Manage Baronial Social Media
    • Approve and welcome new members to the Baronial Facebook group.
    • Remove any inappropriate content.
    • Maintain Facebook groups and events on the Baronial page
  • Manage Baronial Google Calendar
  • Manage Email Redirects
  • Ensure full compliance on the website and social media sites to Society and Kingdom standards.
  • Provide Quarterly reports to the Kingdom Webwright
  • Provide Monthly Reports to Baronial Seneschal

Webwright Requirements

  • General Knowledge and comfort using Web based systems. 
  • The ability to clearly communicate via email, phone, and in written reports.
  • Dependable email access, internet, and phone access.
  • Experience with Web based systems such as WordPress a plus.

Gyldenholt History Project: How to make a Submission! i.e. Fill the empty basket!

Hello Gyldenholt!!
We need some PHOTOS & some STUFF for the Baronial History display for the Caid 40th Anniversary Event!

The Plan:

We’re doing this YE OLDE SCIENCE FAIRE STYLE! I’ll be making a collage of your digital submissions, printing it out on a standing tri-fold poster board and lavishly draping a table with all your physical fabric and metal and wood submissions! If i get photocopies of stuff, I can have a ring-binder to display it so folks can browse. If we can make it work, Sigbiorn Sigmundarson will be donating a laptop running a looped series of additional photos and video clips.


I am accepting:

Physical objects in person at Council April 12, May 10th and June 14th.
Digital things via Dropbox. Deadline for digital is June 6th. Sigbiorn helped me set up a Dropbox..
Cut and paste this link to make submissions to our Dropbox.


Write me at gyldenholt-history@sca-gyldenholt.org with questions
Dropbox Rules: Deadline for digital is June 6th. You don’t need to create an account, it will just ask you for a name that it will include with the photos. It also needs an email, but that won’t be visible to anyone else and again, it doesn’t sign you up for any services or apps. Please use your Society Name. If you want to tell me what the photos ARE, please name the files or shoot me a message with the story! Please take note that things you place in Dropbox will be visible to others ( which they would be anyhow eventually once they’re on the poster!!) and possibly also downloaded as well.

What I’m looking for:

  • Physical Stuff – Anything wooden, fabric, metal or thick glass! Examples: Old shields, esp things with your arms/badge! early garb projects, early or current pieces of work you would like to display. Consider doing a ‘Before and after” that captures your improvement! Also accepted are PHOTOCOPIES of photos or scrolls, etc. No original documents, please. Nothing larger than a piece of paper. I’ll be able to display these in an 8.5 X 11 inch binder with plastic sleeves. Get it to me at COUNCIL on APRIL 12, MAY 10, JUNE 14th.
  • Digital stuff to go into the Dropbox – Digital PHOTOS of events, artwork, people- esp BEFORE and AFTERS and ANNUAL Sequences– capture different years of Fighter practice or Guard, your kid growing up, you hair going gray, your encampment improving, your embroidery getting way better!
  • Text files and pdfs– with quotes & quips! Poems you’ve written? Headlines from the best Gyldenholt newsletter even? I’m looking for a few lines that I can include with the photos. I will have a story prompt that I’ll put out separately for longer things…
  • Scanned up images of your SCROLLS!! Old newsletters, covers of TI, anything. SCANNED PHOTOS.
  • Video clips– not sure if i can make these work, but let’s try! Siggy has offered up an old laptop from work and I think I can get it to run a montage of photos and videos.

Things I am not accepting for this project:

No hard copies of photos or original documents . The two I have already I can scan up- but I’m worried to loose things or have them blow away. But see above how to get help scanning them up! Please don’t submit anything too precious to leave on a table in the gym at Victorville. I won’t be able to bring the display up personally, so I don’t want to ask anyone else to take that risk on for me.
Thanks guys!! I’m hoping you’ll have fun seeing each other’s stuff in the Dropbox as we go!
Fb message me or write me at gyldenholt-history@sca-gyldenholt.org